The Eye of Rholdroth

-Collected excerpts from Jenelle Ette's personal journal 4-

We made it to Mosshaven without too much incident, though the trip was somewhat hazardous in the dark. If we are going to travel much, we’ll need to get Johan some lessons.

When we arrived we were directed by a rather gruff guard to the Hunter’s Lodge, what passes for an inn in the town. A strange healer, Zirstina, arrived to help the two wounded we brought from the forest.

The healer that was brought to the Hunter’s Lodge was unorthodox. One of the men that must be affiliated with the inn called her a witch. I sensed no evil within her or anyone else.

Apparently the kingdom is gearing up for war. Lothu is amassing its forces to bring force against barbarians. Strange that such a thing could brew up so quickly. I have not been gone that long…have I?

We took our rest soon after, though Johan shared with us a few of his thoughts. He wondered if his father sewing his oats was a plan to spread the bloodline to ensure that it survived for a time of need. He felt that his blood line would be important in defeating the blight. Regardless of whether this is true or not he should be kept safe.

While we broke our fast, we saw another group of “adventurers” for a lack of a better term. I don’t use the name for our group, as it seems less….less than we are.

Trehorn Felderson the owner of the Felderson logging company seemed to have hired the group and Johan had the idea for us to help escort the caravan.

Two less savory types walked into the inn and Johan spoke with them to gather information. Johan mentioned the name Zanendithas the Falcon, after speaking with them. Apparently he’s the leader of the orcs.

One of the adventurers commented on a priestess of Saerenrae traveling from Springdale to Dawngarde (which lays west of Ambercross). Apparently she was in a hurry. He said her name was Willow. Then again I’m happy to hear that she is safe. If the rumors are true, however, then Springdale has likely been attacked and burned. A sad tiding to be sure. I worry about Johan’s reaction.


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