The Eye of Rholdroth

-Collected excerpts from Jenelle Ette's personal journal 3-

It was a difficult decision. My heart desired to go after the visions of my sister amongst the orcs. It would not have been completely selfish as the orcs in the vision were rampaging across the lands. However, the Blight seems to be the much greater danger.

I spoke with one of the halfling priestesses of Sarenrae. Rhiyr’s Lady knew of the Blight’s existence prior to it appearing. She was not able to speak to the King, but a lackey of the king. Her pleas to the church also fell on deaf ears. This tale speaks of corruption within both the Church and the Kingdom. While the Kingdom comes as no surprise based upon what I have seen outside the capital, the Church sits more heavily upon me. How are we to route out this corruption. Is it hidden from my ability to sense evil? I shall have to test this out.

We have decided to make our way to Lothu. It will prove a dangerous course, but I do not believe I am yet known to be an ally of Johan, the rightful king by blood. If I am wrong, however, I could be bringing us into great danger. We need to be able to fight this disease brought on by the Blight, however, so I believe our course to be the best action. We must find knowledge of this elixir and then we must search out the ingredients, including the tear of a golden dragon. Perhaps some were saved from the previous Blights.

Johan seems to be acting much more gentlemanly, for the most part, of late. I think seeing his mentor suffer has brought on a sense of responsibility. I fear we shall have many more sights of suffering to enhance that sense. I hope not only he, but I am strong enough to survive without breaking under the burden we lift upon our shoulders. I will not speak ill to him of his actions, other than some gentle ribbing, but instead will endeavor to act in all ways as an example. My journal seems to be making him out to be worse than he is, however. He is a teenage male, full of the lusts of that age. It could dull with time, and it is a great burden he bears at such a young age. We will all have to grow up quickly.

Our companion Tirnel seems to have been sent off on a mission. I had hoped she would come with us on our trip, but I am sure whatever errand the Queen has sent her on is worthwhile.

Deysera has joined us on our trip. She is quite skilled with her bow, and she seems a noble sort, so she is quite welcome. I do have some fear that she seeks adventure a bit too stridently and doesn’t quite understand that this trip is likely to prove grim and deadly. I know that I will likely give my life in serving Sarenrae’s will. I hope she is equally prepared.

The trip went quickly, especially under the hooves of the fine elven bred horses that were gifted to us. I have also been gifted a fine breastplate. I will have to think of a suitable thank you gift for the Queen at some point. Though I long to earn my full plate, it is a fine piece indeed.

In the plains we came upon a band of centaurs. Deysera seemed to believe they were bandits, but am most pleased that Johan’s first instinct was not to attack but to reason with the creatures. Though they were mistrustful of us, they escorted us through their territory with no violence offered. I only wish we could have shown them clearly our honor so they would not think ill of all humans.

We make for the capital by way of the river, foregoing traveling along the roads. This way should be quicker and less populated. I do not believe Johan’s countenance is well known, yet, but it is best to be safer. I have informed both Johan and especially Deysera that they will likely have to pose as servants to my house to travel freely in the kingdom without notice and harassment. Though the House of Ette’ does not carry the favor of the King as it once did, it is still a well respected noble house. The common soldiers of the Kingdom know we fight at their side and do not turn our noses at combat and labor like many of the nobility. That should count for something.


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