The Eye of Rholdroth

-Collected excerpts from Jenelle Ette's personal journal 2-

Our goal….Induin an elven city hidden within the woods. Indeed, hidden within a maze of puzzles and filled with traps. I will admit to finding us lucky to have a guide as I myself have never truly been one for puzzles.

Another joined us as a guide, Tirnel, an elf. Hair the color of flame and a very large sword. She seems quite formidable and steady. After speaking with her, I enjoy her sense of humor. She enjoys teasing Johan, which is good. I fear the boy’s ego may grow out of control, but am uncomfortable with being negative toward him. It could bode well for my Order and my family.

We were set upon by a swarm of insects and then some evil thieving creatures that I could not identify.

The Pool of Dreams showed me something:

I saw a great expanse of desert with something shimmering within a giant skeleton. Perhaps this is a weapon that the elven queen Salihn spoke of? Perhaps it is something else. Could this have been the body of the last dracolich?

Orcs, a horde. Many of them, doing what orcs do best, destroy things. But my sister rode alongside them, fighting. Could it be that they did not kill her, but instead stole her and twisted her mind to evil?! How cruel a fate…most of all to her but to my family and I as well. I shall have to investigate. If it is true and orcs are on the rise, this could bode ill for facing the coming blight. I saw a priestess of Sarenrae being sacrificed. My motivation to track down this foretelling is high.

I have been told that this vision is as things could be, or are. I know not if this is true, but what if…

We were welcomed in the elven city of Induin and were brought to a great feast filled with dancing and other….gaiety. I politely thanked the Queen and King for their hospitality and indeed, the food was fine. I did not partake in the dancing, though Johan went off to…be gay…with a lady half-elf. Such behavior is not truly fit for one that would be king, but it is not my place to judge. I worry for the future of our kingdom, will Johan be a better king than Wilhem Velstrom? Time will tell.

In the morning we were treated to breakfast but then saw the first signs of disease associated with the Blight. A priestess of Saerenrae was there in the city, odd enough, being tended by halfling priestesses of the Everlight. If given the chance I shall have to ask about this oddity.

Tirnel is being sent with us! She shall make a fine companion in our travels, if we can decide where it is we shall go. Do we search for the beginnings of the blight? Do we search for this weapon to be wielded against the Blight and dracolich? What of the orcs? Ghendralin is a concern as well, though it is so far away.

I shall leave an update with the priestesses of Saerenrae about my whereabouts and plans. I hope Willow made it back to the capital safely.


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