Female Elf Ranger, Daughter of Uloisi


Eyes as green as evergreen needles, long hair the color of the shell of a chestnut, honeyed skin that glows beneath the moonlight frames a delicate elven face. With high cheekbones and a slight rose color to her cheeks, Dasyra is quite the looker among the elves. Her movements are as graceful as a panther. Silent and deadly, she is a sight to behold and be wary of.


Dasyra is the only daughter of the wizard, Uloisi of the Everdim elven kingdom. Her mother died in the last war, protecting Johan’s mother. Where Uloisi hoped his daughter, who showed prowess in the arcane, would follow in his footsteps, she instead turned her back on her father. Embracing the call of Desna and those wanderers who always seek adventure and feeling the need to protect others, she has instead dedicated her life to leading others to the path and ending the monstrosities of Lamashtu.


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