The Eye of Rholdroth

-Collected excerpts from Jenelle Ette's personal journal-

Willow and I walked into the village. It was interesting to see how she opened up as we travelled farther from the city. It made me want to question her to figure out why. I’m very curious as to why she decided to come spread the word of the Everlight if she is uncomfortable around others. Or perhaps there is something in the city she flees? There may be something to that thought, but she was once again lacking in confidence when we reached our first village. I may not get to find out, however, due to the events that transpired rather quickly after our arrival.

The town itself was refreshing, though the people were rather wary of us. I cannot say that they have no right to their grievances as I saw the signs of road neglect on our travels. Also the taxation rate does seem rather high. I wonder if my Father pays such high rates, or if nobles all pay equal rates for that matter. I think it wiser that I keep these questions to myself…for now.

The hospitality of the fine folks of the village was excellent and I hope to visit again under more favorable circumstances. Our visit was cut short by an explosion and the absense of a young male named Johan. Hurrying to see what had transpired we found a rather crispy body with a skull emblem on the tunic. Worrisome! I shall have to figure out what this emblam stands for, for I do not know. Neither did Willow it seems. Perhaps paying more attention in my scholarly studies would have helped.

A ghoul and my first true combat! One of the teenage sons of the village had been turned into a ghoul. My heart ached from the loss of such a young and innocent life. Calling out a family battle cry against the undead and my Goddess’ name I charged in while drawing my sword. Sarenrae truly guided the swing of my sword as I cleaved the dark creature in twain. I had honestly thought that I would meet my end at the evil thing’s tainted claws.

I did not have much time to dwell upon the fight, for the sound of more ith hounds rent the air. I begged a tracker to take Willow safely back to the city and the loaning of a horse that I might hurry to the sound of the howls. I was on my way swiftly…


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