Cities Within Elrulion

Lothu – The great seat of the King of the Lands of Lothukor. Currently ruled by Wilham Volstrum after the great line of the Lothukor family met its end. Rumors occasionally rise up through the town about other offspring of their former beloved king. There is talk among a few of seeking out these “lost children” and restoring the city to its former glory.

North of Lothu lies Ambercross, a medium sized town known for it’s woodworking, leatherwork, and lumbermills.

Wood comes from the northern city of Mosshaven where logs are sent down the Rhimmond River to Ambercross.

Dawngarde is the largest city east of Ambercross that bears the influence of her namesake, the Dawnflower, Sarenrae. The great Sunwrought Festival comes every summer solstace, the longest day of the year. It is this sense of renewal, rebirth, and second chances that is celebrated by all. People from all over Elrulion travel to participate in the feast. There is no finer entertainment, food, drink, or swordplay than during the great festival. It is the one celebration King Vostrum has not put an end to.

The farmlands of Springdale, a land northeast of Dawngarde, is the major source of grapes, grains and vegetables grown along the Leybourne River. It flows out of the Silver Lake and leads into the Serranean Sea. It is said that the fertile lands are due to Mount Shroudmire, the once active volcano that sits to the north of the lake.

Highwall lies southeast of Springdale along the coast.

Cities Within Elrulion

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