Jenelle Ette'

A brown haired, sun kissed armored woman with a ready smile and big sword.


Jenelle typically has nearly braided chestnut brown hair when on “duty” as a paladin. She stand above average at 5’8" in height and has a wiry, muscled build that belies her strength. Her skin is the deep tan of someone that has spent much time out of doors. Her armor and weaponry are always well taken care of. The holy symbol of her order is prominently displayed on a tabard covering her armor. Her hazel eyes stare out into the world inquisitively.


Jenelle Ette’ is a middle daughter of the Ette’ family, nobles of Lothu, Elrulion. Her family are well known undead hunters and the majority have strong ties to various churches and Holy knightly orders. Jenelle is no exception in this regard. Her family fought in the first and second undead incursions into the kingdom. They were once close allies and friends to the Luthicor family and have fallen out of favor to some extent with the onset of the King Wilhem Velstrom. They are still well thought of, but their close ties to the Luthicors make Velstrom wary.

Jenelle Ette'

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