The Eye of Rholdroth

Where the Story Stands

The Beginning

As Johan made his way to the hutt to speak to the hermit, he overheard a heated discussion between his friend and a stranger, a tall man by the name Uloisi. As he approached, he heard them arguing over a “boy”…something he perceived to be him. When the elf turned away from Rhyir, he caught sight of the boy outside the window. Immediately, the hermit, Rhyir called out to him but Johan ran from them.

Unsure just what he witnessed, he took off in a dead run back toward his family’s homestead…only to come face to face with a bounty hunter and his trained dogs. Before the man could give the man the command to attack, Johan’s quick thinking brought to mind a spell he had learned. He summoned the words and song to a powerful sleep spell that quickly subdued them. Hot on his trail Uloisi and Rhyir followed and saw his work. The pair could not let this man and his dogs live. They assured him that they would track him down again. Once the bounty hunter was dealt with, they tried to instill in the boy the danger he was in. He needed to listen to them. Angry that the dogs had to die too, Johan reluctantly agreed to go back to the hut.

It was then he learned that the family who had been raising him was not his real family. His mother, Shayonnae, had given him up long ago for his protection. His father, King Ronin Lothukor had stopped in her village and spent the night with her. She bore the child in secrecy and gave him up to Rhyir so he could be hidden. Rhyir and Uloisi have watched over the boy ever since. Insistent that the boy have a somewhat normal life, Rhyir was the only one who had direct contact with him.

Uloisi tells Johan he has no choice now, he has to leave his family behind and come with him to be trained. There were things happening that he did not know about; and, he was not ready to face what was coming. If he refused, it meant he put his family and the whole village at risk. Johan reluctantly agreed and helped Rhyir pack his things. While they packed, the elf cast spells upon the cabin and sealed it.

The trio left and headed for the elven lands……


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