Welcome to the great Kingdom of Lothukor, ruled by the mighty King Wilham Vostrum, the first of his line. Long may he reign.

Lothu, the capital city of Lothukor lies just off the inlet to the Sormorn Sea, within Elrulion. It was once the home of the Lothukor family, descendants of King Roland Lothukor, whose name the kingdom bears. The legend of King Lothukor, much like the family line, has become but a memory…a mythical tale to keep the children of the farming towns from venturing past the safe river plains of Elrulion. Outside Elrulion the name of the king who once ruled their lands has been forgotten.

Yet, the peaceful life of Lothukor is about to be shattered once more. The time of the Prophesy has come.

The Sisters have seen…..

Next game will be June 11th at 7pm EST. Keep an eye out for information on the 18th. We may take a week off if we are down 2 players.

The Eye of Rholdroth

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